How to build muscle

What do the pros know about putting muscle on their dogs? 

They know that no special diet or supplement will work without resistance training!

Just like humans,
dogs need resistance training to build muscle. 

It's simple science,
the more they tug the stronger they get.

Getting a springpole is the simplest way to provide the type of workout
needed to see real growth
and improvement.

Tugmutt Springpoles are specifically designed to optimize
muscle growth.  

Length and stretch ratio are the most important factors for springpole effectiveness.

These stiff Porch Swing springs are ok for bite and hang setups but they are too stiff and short for the type of workout that is critical for bulking your dog up.


When doing a bicep curl or a bench press you want to fully extend and contract your arms to maximize muscle use, the same is true for your dog and these springs don't allow your dog enough range of motion to do a full body tug.

You can find this type of springpole all over Amazon and they can be a fun toy for your dog but they are just that - Toys!

They are too long with too low resistance to provide any kind of strength building workout.


You can't get the results
without putting in the work!

The TugMutt Springpole can be left outside all year but is also a great tool for providing your dog with exercise indoors.  

Designed to be quieter and more civilized than metal springs, you don't have to wake the whole house up during use.  

The rubber end cap absorbs the energy of the recoil and the soft nylon shackle is versatile and quiet.  

If your looking for an indoor springpole solution then this is the best option available.  

Don't let the weather or a busy schedule prevent your dog from getting the exercise they need to be healthy and happy.


The Bungee spring is a simple and effective springpole solution  good for all sizes and breeds of dog.  

The protective nylon jacket protects the bungee and stops it from over stretching.  

The XL velcro strap makes it easy to attach and detach bite targets.  One of the best features of the velcro strap is the ability to set the overlap amount so it will slowly let go, building drive and motivation to tug.  

The Velcro strap also eliminates the need to use heavy carabiners to attach bite targets that are dangerous to your dogs mouth and can injure bystanders.

Why Bungee?


Bungee is great for springpoles because it has the best balance between strength, stretch and weight.  

Metal extension springs are most often used for springpoles and work great but the are heavy by nature.  That heavy weight when stretched becomes very dangerous and can cause serious injury to your dog.  

It's easy to imagine what would happen if something broke and the spring slammed into your dogs face.  Metal carabiners that are used to connect bite lures can injure your dogs teeth, mouth and could even catch a lip.

Our Bungee has the high stretch ratio that is crucial for a good workout but isn't dangerous when fully stretched like a garage door spring is.

The lower weight of bungee also makes it much quieter during use and does less damage to the structure it's attached to.