The Handheld Springpole

 A Revolutionary Tug Toy for Dogs.

Experience the power and strength-building benefits of a springpole in a convenient handheld design with the Tugmutt.

This innovative tug toy is perfect for owners looking to enhance their dogs muscle development.


2 Sizes

 Choose between the original and XL sizes of the Tugmutt.

The original is suitable for most dog breeds and can handle dogs of any size.
However, for extra large breeds and aggressive tuggers, the XL size is recommended.
Consider your dog's weight and tug drive to determine the right model for you.


Say Goodbye to Arm and Shoulder Strain

 With the Tugmutt, you can enjoy playing tug of war without straining your arm and shoulder.
Acting as a shock absorber, this tool allows you to maintain a calm and assertive attitude while playing tug with your dog.

Simple and Innovative Design

The Tugmutt features an industrial-grade bungee that provides excellent shock absorption.
The Original Tugmutt uses a 3/8 inch bungee, while the XL utilizes a 1/2 inch bungee.
Both versions can withstand significant force, with the Original requiring about 60 lbs of force to fully stretch and the XL requiring about 90 lbs.
Additionally, the Tugmutt is designed with replaceable parts, including the bungee, ensuring its longevity.
The removable end cap protects the bungee from your dog's teeth while still allowing easy access.

Unique Velcro Carabiner for Versatile Play

Designed specifically for the Tugmutt, the Velcro Carabiner offers a secure and convenient way to attach different bite targets.
Velcro proves to be the best solution for easy and safe attachment.
Moreover, it allows for reduced overlap, enabling the bite target to break free while tugging.
This encourages your dog to tug harder and for longer periods of time.

Withstand the Tug Force of the Strongest Dogs

The Tugmutt effectively reduces your dog's tug force, making playtime more enjoyable and encouraging them to tug harder.
Keep in mind that a dog's ground traction can affect their ability to pull the Tugmutt.
They will have better pulling ability on grass and carpet compared to tile and hardwood floors.


2 products

2 products