A lot of people are confident with their dog off leash and like to let them have the freedom to explore.


Especially on walks in the woods when there is no one around and in dog friendly places.

Still there is the chance you'll see someone out on the trail or need to gain control of your dog in a hurry.


You always want to balance your dogs fun and freedom with responsible ownership.

The instant leash collar is a excellent solution because it is always there ready when you need it.  


The loop is easy to grab and the leash is quick to deploy.

Now you have instant control of your dog with a short convenient slip style leash.

Once you no longer need control, the loop is easy to replace back around the collar and your dog is free to go explore once again.

The Instant Leash Collar also frees you up from having to carry a long inconvenient  probably dirty leash when not in use.