Should I get a Springpole?

A Springpole can be a very effective exercise and conditioning tool for dogs. 

It can be set up in a small space and gives your dog the energy burning workout that they need to be happy and well balanced.  

  If your dog likes playing tug-o-war then they will most likely enjoy the springpole. 

The instinct to bite and pull has deep roots from thousands of years ago when they had to work as a pack to take down large prey, today it manifests itself as the healthy drive to play tug. 

That instinct is still inside every breed of dog and you can use it to your advantage, helping to keep them healthy and well balanced.


 Everyone wishes they had more free time to invest in their dogs well being.

 The less time you can devote to exercising your dog, the greater the intensity the exercise has to be.


Focus on how to get the most effort out of your dog in the time and space that you do have.

The springpole is one of the best options for people who are struggling to tire their dog out everyday or want to increase muscle and strength.


A Springpole can be an essential piece of home gym equipment for your dog. 

Dogs build muscle the same way we do, by using them to lift, pull or tug heavy weights.  

Since the wolf evolved to take down large prey using its mouth, a dogs body and muscle structure reflect this adaptation.

Making comparisons to a humans upper and lower body workouts, dogs basically have a forward and a backward body workout.  

The forward body is focused on increasing forward pulling strength.  The carpet mill and weight pull are the 2 most effective tools for forward body workouts.  

The backward body workout is all about increasing tug strength. 

Your dog engages a lot of different muscles when they tug on something and a springpole is the most effective tool for bulking those up.

There are a couple different ways to properly use a springpole and they are all effective backward body workouts.  

Just like humans, dogs need good resistance based workouts if you want them to build muscle. 

There is no substitute for putting in the effort and using a springpole is the most effective way to get the results that you want.

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