Should I Get My Dog A Springpole?

Should You Get A Springpole For Your Dog?



The Springpole is a very effective exercise and conditioning tool for dogs.  It can be set up in a small space and gives your dog the energy burning workout that they need to be happy and well balanced.  Almost every dog could benefit from more exercise.

Everyone wishes they had more free time to play with their dogs and you shouldn’t feel bad if you can’t provide 3 walks and an hour of fetch every day like some people can.  You may not be able to control your schedule but you can control the type and quality of the exercise that you provide.  

Instead focus on how you can get the most effort out of your dog in the time and space that you do have.  The springpole is without a doubt the best option for people who are struggling to tire their dog out everyday or want to increase muscle and strength.

Most people are uninformed about springpoles and see videos online associating them with pitbulls and dog fighting, which is understandable since dog fighters have been using them for hundreds of years to strengthen and condition their dogs.  

The error is not in the fact that they do use them, it's why they use them.  The reason they all use springpoles is that nothing builds muscle and strength better, period.  Springpoles do not encourage aggression or dominance in any way.

The stigma attached to them is the reason that springpoles are not more widely known and used.  The other misconception is that only bull breeds will be able or enjoy using a springpole, which again is completely false.  Every breed can use a springpole, whether they will use it has more to do with their individual personality and how it is presented to them.  

If your dog likes playing tug-o-war then they will most likely enjoy the springpole.  The instinct to bite and pull has deep roots from thousands of years ago when they had to work as a pack to take down large prey, today it manifests itself as the healthy drive to play tug.  That instinct is still inside every breed of dog and you can use it to your advantage, helping to keep them healthy and well balanced.

When your dog bites and pulls on something overhead they are using a lot of muscles but especially the neck, chest and shoulders.  This is essentially the same type of strength training that humans do when they lift weights or do pull ups. The springpole can be just like a home gym for your dog: convenient, safe and most important, extremely effective at building muscle and burning energy. 

Investing in a Springpole and taking the time to set it up properly is a smart way to provide the extra exercise your dog might need.  There is no doubt that it is a fun toy but it can also be a life changing tool that can greatly improve your dogs life and well being.