Velcro Strap Instructions

TugMutt velcro strap

  • The TugMutt attaching strap is made from strong lightweight nylon webbing and high quality velcro.
  • The retaining flaf stops it from shifting or moving duringplay. Alays make sure it is properly in place.
  • Being able to remove or switch the rope toy is an important aspect of the Tugger.
  • You can easily replace the rope toy when it becomes damaged with another rope toy or almost any suitable chew toy for Dogs.
  • Being able to easily disconnect the rope toy can be important to keeping your dog interested in playing with the Tugger. Some dogs will become bored or frustrated with the Tugger if they can neve get possesion of the toy. The strap allows you to detach the rope toy to let your dog have possesion.
  • You should never let your dog have the Tugger when connected to the rope toy, they may swing it around injuring themselves or others.
  • One tip for encouraging your dog is to loosen the strap just enough so it breaks free when they tug, this will motivated them to work as hard as they can.
  • Always be careful and ready for the recoil of the bungee cord.
  • Another useful tip is to use the rope toy for fetch, alternating a certain amount of time of time of tugging for a reward of tossing the rope toy, this can build motivation for tugging.